The 4 Minute Millionaire


Master Money in 4 Minutes a Day

How would it feel to sleep peacefully each night, knowing you’ve done the best you can to protect and grow your money? What if said feeling took only 4 minutes a day to attain?

In The 4 Minute Millionaire, NBC-published veteran blogger Niklas Göke shares 44 short, daily lessons to help you move towards financial freedom, sourced from the world’s leading money experts, most successful investors, and Nik's own journey to financial independence.

In just 4 minutes a day, you’ll rethink money from the ground up, build better financial habits, and learn to invest wisely. You’ll master timeless financial tenets, debunk money myths disguised as common sense, and adopt better approaches to wealth-building – some proven for decades, others brand-new.

You’ll learn:

  • How your upbringing has subconsciously affected your income-generating strategies
  • How to build an unshakeable belief in your financial future with a 100-year-old technique
  • Why retiring early ultimately comes down to just 2 steps
  • How to define retirement for yourself
  • Why you should never discount your ability to start small
  • A new, more inspiring way to look at paying off debt
  • How to make saving fun
  • How rich you should be at what age
  • 7 timeless investing formulas, including the “Magic” formula, the “Tenbagger,” and the “Scuttlebutt”
  • 7 new asset classes the crowd hasn’t discovered yet (and no, it’s not just crypto)

Each lesson comes with a short, realistic action item you can complete quickly without feeling overwhelmed. You’ll also get several free bonuses, including a curated list of the world’s best finance books, a cheat sheet of all action steps, and a directory of useful tools and resources.

The 4 Minute Millionaire won’t make you a millionaire overnight, but it’ll equip you to become one. It’ll show you that you have what it takes to achieve financial freedom, and it’ll map out a path for how you’ll get there – a path you can take no matter how busy you are.

Whether you want to build a saving habit, pay off debt, or invest like the pros – if you're ready to look at money from a new perspective and build long-term wealth, this book is for you.

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Get your copy today, and start your 4-minute journey to financial freedom.

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The 4 Minute Millionaire

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